Wednesday, December 22, 2010

To Remember from December

Some things to remember from the month of December...(don't get your hopes up - that's it for the rhyming)
When we got home from church last Sunday I asked Jansen if he wanted to change out of his church clothes. He said, "No. I noticed I look really good in this sweater."
The past few days have been rain, rain, rain. Against my better judgment I let the kids play in it. They only lasted a few minutes anyway.
Nate has just a few days off this entire month and is putting in 12 hours each day. Combine that with any other evening obligations = not enough daddy time. One night we bucked bedtime and they went out and rode bikes in the dark with the Christmas lights shining. Nate had as much fun as the kids.
Oh how she loves her Emmy. Jansen said the sweetest thing the other day too. He was crouched next to Emmy's bouncer and he said, "Now remember Emmy, you'll never ever be alone. You have a big brother and a big sister and if you ever fall we'll catch you." MELT MY HEART. Oh and then he said, "And you have a great big nice mommy." Ha! Okay and one more that me laugh. One morning I told Jansen that Emmy was sleeping. He was a little confused and I explained to him that she has to sleep during the night and the day. Then he said, "Oh so she's nocturnal?"


kiki comin said...

ha. i just laughed out loud. i need some more jansen in my life!

Gazdik Family said...

I know you cried while you laughed, 'cause I did!!

Annie said...

That Jansen is like a thirty year old in a five year old's body. Seriously. I miss him.

Kami said...

I cried when I read this post Jess. SO precious! I love all of Jansen's comments... the thing about looking good in the sweater, nocturnal, the cute thing he said to Emmy. Oh man! He's gonna be some girl's ultimate prince charming one day and that's going to be one lucky girl.