Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas in Las Vegas

Highs are in the 60s this week...

We visited a place called Springs Preserve this weekend for their Holiday Spectacular. Definitely a fun time. I might reserve the word spectacular for expensive firework shows and the Grand Canyon though.
 I was so excited when I was going through Natalie's baby clothes and found this sweet sweet hat that Nate's mom had made for Natalie. It will be passed along to many baby girls because it needs to be---it's that cute!
 Your eyes are kind of creeping me out in this one Natalie. She's in the lower left corner...ahhh! Did you get creeped out too?! Just quickly look at Nate smiling's
 a creeped out neutralizer.
I was so happy that both kids wanted to go up and talk to Santa. Jansen hesitated at first. That Santa sure has a treasure trove of toy knowledge. He knew just what my kids were talking about.
Reindeer? Or small horse with antler headband? You decide.


Anonymous said...

Natalie rode the Riendeer! How fun. That really is a cute hat on Emmy. Keep the warm weather please. We're a comin'

amyandrandy said...

we haven't been to the springs preserve for cmas before, one that we will have to check out this year. last weekend we headed over to the magical forrest at opportunity village...way fun!

kiki comin said... her eyes.and her. and even if she is looking creepy, i still love her.:) Looks like springs preserve was a hit...that horse is the best las vegas can do?

Brett & Katie Johnson said...

what a fun time. we need to hit that up.

Melinda said...

"Hey he's wearing my jacket! sure looks a lot like it!"
That is a pretty wimpy reindeer. At least Natalie's eyes aren't glowing completely red.

The Nye's said...

I totally thought it was a reindeer until you pointed out the headband thing!