Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Air Show!

We went to the Air Show on Nellis Air Force Base on Saturday. Here we are:

Ha! Just kidding. That picture is from like 6 years ago when Nate and I were dating and we drove from Utah to see the Air Show at Nellis. And now here we are with three kids. Weird.

Natalie spent most of her time being a squirmy worm in the stroller.

And Emmy spent her time here:

We were so happy to have this lovely couple here for the weekend:
  Check out some of these great shots Nate's dad got:

It was soooo loud sometimes. But as Nate always says, "It's the sound of freedom." Love that.


Gazdik Family said...

After 3 kids....you guys look even better!! "Sound of freedom", I like that. Just so enjoy looking at, and reading about a solid, good family. I can honestly say that I miss your whole family as much as I miss you.

Heather said...

Great post. Loved the fake out pic. Loved the moon shot. Loved the belly shot. I just love reading your blog. Thanks for staying in touch.

Shane's Angie said...

I love our Nate and his sound of freedom, and the pictures of the show were SO COOL! I also adore that pic of Jansy Pants pulling a kung fu sort of stance, and the squirrely (that's a Robbish word) look on cutie Natalie's face. Oh, and I am a little weirded out by seeing you all in short sleeves in the middle of November. *Sigh*
I'm beyond giddy about your trip here next week! EEEEE! I call dibs on holding Emmy first!

stevenellie said...

Wow, we were pictured in your blog. It only took 7 years. :) I think that was taken right after Steve and I got married. We loved going to the air show when we lived in Vegas. Now we go to the one here in Hampton at Langley.
Love the belly pic. too. Your kids are so cute.

Britt said...

Too cool. Those pictures are really amazing! "Sound of freedom" is quite thought provoking.