Monday, September 6, 2010

Gimmee Five

So many moms talk about how their babies are growing too fast and they want them to stay little forever. That was not the case with me when I had Jansen. He was so fussy and so colicky that each day felt like an eternity to me, and I counted down the hours till he would grow up. He was a very difficult baby until about 10 months...and now of course I'm in disbelief that 5 years have passed.

Happy Birthday Jansen! You were worth every sleepless night, every book I read about babies, every tear, every moment I wanted to quit. The little guy you have turned into has far surpassed my every hope. How we adore you!

About a year old...not long after we moved to Ohio
2 years old...about the time Natalie was born
3 years old...starting preschool
4 years old
Not quite five, but a darling picture nonetheless!

Some things for us to remember:

1. What is your favorite TV show? Dinosaur Train
2.What is one thing you like about yourself? Cause I'm 5 years old

3. What is your favorite thing to eat for dinner? Cantaloupe

4.What is your favorite color? White

5. What is the best part about going to church? Sacrament meeting (this surprised me so I asked why and he said, "Because I love you guys and that's the only part I get to be with you.")

6. What makes you happy? When you hug me

7. Favorite scripture story? Alma

8. What is hard for you? Lifting 20,000 boxes with 600 books in each box

9. What is easy for you? Lifting 2 boxes with 5 books in each box

10. Who do you like to be with? Aiden and Dad

11. Favorite thing to do with mom? go to the store

12. With dad? Birdwatching and hiking

13. What makes you scared? Monsters

14.  What do other kids think about you? They think about me coming over

15. What is your favorite song? I Am a Child of God

16. Hardest thing about being your age? Learning how to lift up 20 boxes with 20 books in them

17. What do you like best about mommy? How I love you

18. Daddy? Playing with him

19. What is your favorite school subject? Drawing

20 What is your favorite game on the computer?

21. How do you feel when you have to do chores around the house? Hard, but I can do it

22. What do you like best about your teacher? Her name and that I remember it by now

23. What is your favorite movie? I Love Toy Trains

24. When do you think your bed time should be? 8:30

25. What do you like to do in your free time? Play with Natalie

26. What do you want to be when you grow up? Construction worker and train engineer

27. What is one thing you would change about yourself? Turning a different age

28. What makes mommy happy? Cooperating

29. If you had lots of money, what would you do with it? Buy a Lego set


Kami said...

Oh my heck! I LOVED his answers to all those questions. He's SO smart for his age. And what's up with all the books in boxes? Ha! That made me laugh. Also, doesn't his teacher have a weirdy name...? I especially loved the picture of him going off to preschool. So cute!

Melinda said...

That is adorable. That boy loves his family! What's up with you making Jansen carry books around in boxes all the time? There are laws against that you know.

Kara said...

Super duper cute header. Happy birthday Jansen! I love that he's crying in both of his baby pictures. I know this next baby will be so perfect...surely you and monica can't both have three rough ones in a row!

Heather said...

I just love Jansen! And great questions - I may have to use them for my next birthday interview.

Annie said...

I could literally hear Jansen answer all of those questions. He's a special kid for sure. I do have this image of a construction worker/train engineer carrying multiple boxes of books around though. And that image makes me laugh. Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love that sweet boy. Those hard ones do turn out to be the best investment (I should know). Happy Birthday! Love you, Grandma Becca

Tina said...

I've always LOVED his smile! He sure is a cutie!! How great that he gets to go to Kindergarten this year even though his b-day is in September. Usually the cut off date is September 1st. He was definitely ready though huh?
Happy b-day Jansen!!

Kati said...

He's so cute! I hope he had a good birthday. Jantzen had that same orange shirt with the skateboard on it, that's too funny!

Buffy Dayton said...

So cute. I know it goes by way too fast. He is darling, and I loved his answers. Especially the one about lifting 20,000 boxes with 20 books in them. Funny stuff!

Cara said...

Loved #5 & #14! Too cute. Man, he really had lifting boxes of books on his mind didn't he? Happy Birthday Jansen!!! Hope you get lots of Legos for your birthday!

David and Kristi Gailey said...

He is so dang cute! I loved the questions and answers. Especially the lifting boxes and books ones. So funny!