Wednesday, August 4, 2010

That Weird Thing That Plays Music

Jansen and Natalie asked me if I would turn on that weird thing that plays music. I was totally confused for a bit and then...oh the radio? It was one of those moments that I realized that I am not the youngest of the young anymore and things that were part of my everyday life growing up are now...old fashioned. I turned it on for them and they laughed and laughed as they spun the dial through the stations.

Here is Natalie posing with the archaic contraption.
I suppose it happens to all of us. Sigh.


Annie said...

Look at Natalie's hair! It is so long. Such beautiful kids you have.

Lindsey said...

Ha Ha. That's awesome. Jordan has been really into the radio lately too. She loves to change the station and the volume. Unfortunately she is constantly unplugging the alarm clock and dragging it to other parts of the house. Then I have to reset the time.

Tina said...

Oh, that's funny!!
Awhile ago I had to explain to Cloey what a tape recorder was. I can't imagine what she'll say if I pull out a record player. I remember listening to those and thinking how cool C.D's were. Do you remember?

Angie said...

Very funny. I recently had one of those moments...Love reading your posts. Good luck with the new baby. I don't envy the the little belly (as cute as it is), but a baby sounds pretty fun!