Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Off to College Apparently

Thanks to an episode on Blue's Clues where Steve goes off to college, Natalie thinks higher education is the next step in her life.

"Mom, can I go to college?"

Does this girl have any idea that just sending her to preschool for her first time is hard enough for me? (I'm thrilled about it, excited about it, we need it, but it's still a little bit of a struggle to send her off a couple times a week.) We're still working on pulling up our own pants after using the potty for crying out loud!

She keeps bringing certain stuffed animals, blankets, and toys to me and asking if she can bring them to college. Hey, I REALLY doubt she is the first one to want to bring a special blanky or lovey to college.
Do you think anyone on campus will care that she still sucks her thumb? (HELP!)


Annie said...

Oh she has your eyes. Just beautiful that Natalie...and her momma too.

Anonymous said...

No one will care because it's so cute.

Kami said...

If she only knew... She wouldn't be so excited! I think its definitely acceptable to bring a yucky old blanket to college. I totally still sleep with mine.

Nate and Shannon Smith said...

I love her...and she will probably need her "lovey" when she finds out how much homework she has ;)

Monica said...

Love and miss her! So, I can totally see Jansen in that picture. Can't wait to see what this next baby girl looks like!

Gazdik Family said...

This picture is BEAUTIFUL!!