Monday, August 30, 2010

Girl Loves Her Chocolate

We started Natalie's birthday off with some M&M pancakes. I'm sure Buddy the Elf would have loved to join us. "We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup."
When Natalie can choose a treat she usually picks M&Ms, so I made a trail of them leading to her room where her presents were waiting.
Goldmine! She has loved her kitchen. Last night as we were putting her to bed she kept reminding me to not take anything. To make sure everything would be there in the morning. To not move anything.
Her birthday was on a Sunday morning, and all the new stuff made for a fairly peaceful/children-occupied few hours before church for me and Nate.
It was cooler this weekend in Vegas, so I actually agreed to eat outside and we enjoyed chocolate cake and ice cream.
You'll probably never hear me say it again, but that was sure enough chocolate for one day!


Sarah Walton said...

Happy Birthday to Natalie!! Looks like she had a fun birthday. M&M pancakes . . .what a great idea!

Tina said...

I've never had M&M pancakes before. They sure looked colorful and super yummy!
Kitchen sets are seriously one of the best b-day gifts E.V.E.R!!
Looks like she had so much fun!!
Happy b-day Natalie!!

Kyle and Janel said...

Happy Birthday Natalie! She is a cute girl! How fun for the M&M trail to her presents.

Gazdik Family said...

Jessica - can you be my mommy?
You are lucky to have Natalie and she is lucky to have you two as her parents!!

amyandrandy said...

the trail of m&m's was a cute idea. we have the same kitchen with the same containters next to it for the food too. happy bday!

Britt said...

Holy stink! Your kids are so cute! You showcase their personalities so well and I'm becoming a big fan with regular checks on your blog these days. What a fun duo! Can't wait to see how the new babe adds to the fun! Glad you're doing well in Vegas!