Sunday, April 4, 2010

From Last Week

MONDAY: Too long ago. Can't remember.
TUESDAY: For the past couple years, a group of girls has gotten together at the church on Tuesday nights and we scrimmage for an hour and a half or so. I have officially stopped going because of pregnancy (honestly, I'm just being lazy), but oh how I will miss it! I loved chatting with my gals before and after playing, giving each other a hard time on the court, getting some good heart-pumping exercise, and getting out of the house for a little break. There are lots of players missing from this picture, but here are some of the great girls I have loved playing with:

WEDNESDAY: Celebrated Bryan's 30th birthday sombrero style! My love for fried ice cream is undying.
THURSDAY: Nate is becoming quite successful in his attempt to turn these kids into birdwatchers. Natalie is always yelling, "Dad! I see some two cardinals!" We love taking them out to explore.
FRIDAY: Deserves its own post! To come...our Adults Only Easter Egg Hunt!


Monica said...

Love it. That last pic of Natalie is too cute. Also, love the sombrero picture! Good times.

Bethany said...

Uh-oh. "Adults Only" Easter Egg Hunt??? Is this blog appropriate? And then, when I clicked over to the actual blog from my Reader to MAKE that comment, my filter wouldn't let me go to your blog for having "inappropriate content". I had to manually add your blog to my safe list, so don't let me down! ;)

Just kidding, I'm excited to hear what wild excitement was had at the Adults Only egg hunt.

Anonymous said...

Love Natalie's hair. So Lexi at that age.

Sarah Walton said...

Oh, how I have missed playing basketball Tuesday nights! can't wait to see pics from the egg hunt!

Annie said...

Sombrero birthdays are definitely the only way to go.

Kendra and Nate Wright Family! said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE fried ice cream. Did I know that about you. I found a recipe and am dying to try it!