Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Mostly Natalian Post

Natalian: concerning or relating to Natalie

I really do feel like I can say it: Natalie is potty trained! I know that making a statement like that is a Pandora's Box, and she is probably going to start having lots of accidents but whatever. She's almost too good. She gets a little chocolate when she goes (gotta wean her off that) and it seems to me that she doesn't let it all out when she is fully capable of doing so. She makes little installments which = more chocolate.

Today she went and I exclaimed, "Yea! We love pee pee!" (I know, embarrassing, but I wanted her to know how happy I was). She looked at me and said, "And I love chocolate!" I'm in trouble.
I was sitting on the computer today sneaking some peeks at blogs and when the guilt became too much, I ran upstairs to see what the absence-of-fuss was all about. I saw this. She's reading her scriptures. Sure she doesn't have pants on, and sure there is disgusting snot coming out her nose, but she's looking at the scriptures for crying out loud. I abandon her and she turns to the Old Testament for support. I don't feel quite so guilty anymore.
And apparently yesterday this hippo:
Got hungry for Nate's beloved Jade plant:
Because I found her stuffing its leaves down the hippo's artificial throat. In the wake of her destruction she left this on the floor:
I disciplined her with an alternative. And in case you are already thinking it, I looked A LOT like that girl on the cover when I was her age.

As for Jansen, he had us laughing the other night when we had to tell him that they are not "girl cheese sandwiches," but "grilled cheese sandwiches." He must have women on the mind because he also told me today he "doesn't know what kind of female train" he wants to color. I don't think he has any idea what the word means.

As I was putting him to sleep two nights ago I said, "Jansen, Daddy and I are so proud of you."
LOOOONG PAUSE. "Sometimes," he says.


kiki comin said...

i'm smiling. i love chocolate that much too.

Melinda said...

Something you're doing must be working!

How's Jansen's ear by the way? I thoroughly enjoyed the locomotive (not choo-choo)education that I received from him the other night. Sorry basketball got cut short. You'll have to ask me again. :)

Leavitt Family said...

I was just going to comment that you look so much like the girl on the cover, when I read you say it lol. Won't we all be surprised to find out your Mom wrote that book.

Leavitt Family said...

I was just going to comment that you look so much like the girl on the cover, when I read you say it lol. Won't we all be surprised to find out your Mom wrote that book.

Ashley M said...

Did you just say Natalie is potty trained?! Wow, didn't you just start a few weeks ago? We are SO not there! :)

Jessi said...

I LOVE your kids! HA HA! I always laugh when I come to your blog. I love that in her path of destruction he left out a book about discipline.. that's hilarious! And Natalie is potty trained?! WOW! How do you DO it? Kynzie is interested but still... no success... only accidents. UGH! Oh well. I love how Jansen added "Sometimes" too.. oh my goodness.. the things kids say! Love it!

Monica said...

I love your kids too. They are soo funny! They are also the topic of my kids conversation during our days.

Also, I am so glad that Natalie is doing so well with potty training!

Annie said...

It would be pretty funny if Natalie was eight and still asking for a chocolate every time she goes potty. I don't think you should wean her off of them. Let's see how long you can keep in going instead.

Anonymous said...

I will pee for chocolate. I love that she holds out for more "rewards" Moose does that too for the trees at the park. Part of the look of the girl on that book is that you had almost the exact outfit and you wore it alot. And by the way, I always caught you reading your scriptures too. Proud but not surprised.

Shane's Angie said...

I know that book well, and I knew you well at that age, and indeed it does look like you! You so had that shirt, and so did I. Perhaps you wore my cast off. Just sayin'

How, may I ask, do you pronounce Natalian? Is it with a Spanish flair Nahtalean or sorta Italian like Natahleon? Just wondering.

BTW, I've lived an almost normal life rewarding myself frequently with chocolate. She'll be fine. As for the Old Testament, I really should read that more often...but not without pants. It's weird enough as it is...(You know I meant that in a not-sacraligious but there really are weird stories like talking donkey's sort of way, right?)