Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christian and Julie

Christian and Julie...doesn't it sound like the name of a company that sells fine cookware and tableware? Like Williams and Sonoma or something? Christian is actually Nate's brother and Julie is his adorable wife. They stopped in for a visit this past weekend while Christian was doing some work in the area (they live in Salt Lake).

About these cookies...when Nate and Christian were growing up in Cincinnati they used to go to Busken bakery down the street from their house all the time after school. They loved to get these yellow smiley face cookies. Christian made a stop at their old home in Cincinnati while he was out this way and had to grab a few of these cookies that they still make, just the same as they remember 'em!

I love Julie! She's just so fun to be around.

Like a couple of girls in high school:

I needed some Italian food from North Market, so we stopped and had lunch here on Saturday.

Thanks for coming guys!


Annie said...

Did you get some of the homemade pasta? That is the best at North Market. I'm glad Nate decided to go gourmet and get a hot dog. It looks like you had such a fun time.

Monica said...

So fun! Kyle and I need to try all of these fun places you guys are eating at. Glad that you got to hang out with some family this past weekend.

Nathaniel said...

That was an authentic Polish Kielbasa Sandwich, Annie, mind you :). Not just a hot dog. Jeez.

kiki comin said...

looks like fun. good to talk to you yesterday.

Christian said...

That was the best! I'm glad you didn't confess our "little secret" with know what! The scale was definitely not my friend after that little trip. We really had so much fun. Thanks again for EVERYTHING! Love you so much!!!!