Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas: the Short and Sweet Version

Natalie has a cold and will not stop coughing. She can't nap and sleeps terribly at night because of it. I get so anxious and uptight when the kids are sick, so this post is a little boring and short on words...I can't seem to concentrate much.
A few days before Christmas we had the kids do a little gift exchange with their friends. We decorated graham cracker houses, played pin the nose on Rudolph, exchanged presents, and had lunch.

I love all the little candy canes haphazardly pasted to the houses.

Right on the money:

And here we are Christmas Eve...with friends again, enjoying delicious food and awesome company.


Jansen woke up first and was actually extremely patient as we waited a little bit to wake up Natalie.

A special present from Daddy:


Annie said...

Dang it Jessica, you did only get your kids like three gifts each! They are surrounded by books and all things educational. You inspire me and my Santa. It was such a fun Christmas time with all of you. I was thinking that we have actually spent the last three Christmas's together. I hope Natalie gets feeling better soon.

Shane's Angie said...

So sorry about Natalie being sick. Makes for a rough holiday. Shane is flat on his back, and has been for over a week due to a herniated disc. It's been pretty cruddy.

I love the picture of Natalie clutching the kitty and Jansy Pants and his books. Warms my heart and makes me ever so happy that you will be closer next year :)

amyandrandy said...

love jansen's pj's! sorry about the sickly on your fun! hopefully the new year will be better. =)