Friday, November 27, 2009


You know how when you have your own children you experience epiphanies and realizations of all the work and sacrifice it took to raise you to adulthood? Nate and I had Thanksgiving epiphanies yesterday as we sat together after a wonderful meal with friends. The planning, the shopping, the cooking, the cleaning, the setting up, the taking down, etc! Nate even set up a "play area" in the garage for the kids with a tent and everything. All those years I just showed up to Thanksgiving dinner and there before me was a magical feast and sadly, I never really thought about the work my family had done to make it such a special day.

Despite my collapse on the couch after the day was over, we had a DELIGHTFUL dinner with such enjoyable company and delicious food.
I heard a loud "OH NO!" while Nate was working with Turkey and ran down the stairs. It had slipped out of his hands into the roaster full of drippings and fat splashed everywhere! It was on the walls, all over the floor, on the chairs and tablecloth, on the carpet...but things worked out just fine and the floor has a nice, slippery shine to it. Does anyone know what will happen if we just try to paint over the grease stained walls??? Will it seep through?
Banished to the floor:
All the ladies who contributed deliciousness:

The gluttons:
I also realized yesterday that I think this is my favorite weekend of the whole year. The anticipation of Christmas makes me absolutely giddy and having Nate around for the long weekend is always cause for celebration.


Ashley M said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for your blog and the countless times its brought a smile to my face! :)
Peter says painting over the grease won't work. His suggestion is TSP (trisodium phosphate).

Traci said...

I was afraid you were going to say the turkey fell on the floor so thats not as bad as I imagined!! Glad you have a great group of friends to celebrate Thanksgiving with, looks like you had a lot of fun!!

Annie said...

It really was such a great time. Sorry about the grease explosion but thank you for hosting and all the work that goes with it. We sure are going to miss you next year.

Lindsey said...

That's sad the turkey splashed grease everywhere. After cleaning the dishes I was washing the disposable roaster I bought (so I can use it for Christmas) and read on the bottom to not hold the roaster by the sides, but to always hold the bottom. Lucky for me the sides held and I didn't have a greasy mess on my floor!

Kami said...

Oh man! Looks like a good time! I am so proud of you and Nate! Way to go on your first Thanksgiving meal! I know there's no way I could've done that.

kiki comin said...

what a fun time! sure miss you guys...especially on days like thanksgiving. your table looks pretty!:)