Thursday, October 15, 2009


The love for trains is going strong. If you have a small male child I highly recommend getting him hooked on these contraptions. As long as you are okay with nerdy things like that. :) Jansen's new favorite activity is coloring in his train coloring book. He's doing it right now and the fact that he's whistling as he colors is pretty much melting my heart.

Sometimes he will be staring off into space and I will ask him what he's thinking about.
"I'm just thinking about trains."

Every preschool paper he brings home has a train drawn on the back. I love it.

Now to Nate. His birthday was on Tuesday and I had a little pirate themed birthday party for him. Unfortunately, he is NOT obsessed with pirates. But when you find pirate themed birthday stuff on killer clearance you have to go with it. Honey, I will try and do a bird theme next year okay? We had some friends over for pumpkin cake and ice cream and I hopefully embarrassed him with this:
I had to include the Halloween pictures of him I dug up from a few years ago.
He's so lucky he has such a weird wife.


Heather said...

Great ooster. Jansen was disappointed that I couldn't find Tanner's train when he came over. The bit about the whistling is awesome!

Kara said...

Happy birthday nate, we, too, had a RANDOM pirate themed birthday for lando last month, only because my mom came out of the craft room with a bunch of pirate party crap, weird. Hope your dessert turned out well!

kiki comin said...

pirates are the best, you know i that i think that!:) i can just imagine jansen whistling and coloring...i woke up this morning to booker singing and coloring at the kitchen table..there really is nothing better than that...happy late birthday, nate.

Ashley M said...

Oh trains, they are wonderful aren't they? Nick is way in to them too. I'm sure we'll have many more years of trains ahead of us!

Arrggg Happy Birthday Nate!

Shane's Angie said...

Happy Birthday Nate! Heaven knows you're no pirate...but you look great dressed as one! Kudos to you Jess for putting such an effort into your sweetheart's special day. BTW, just reading about Jansy Pants makes my heart melt too. He's adorable.

Also, last Sunday we were walking over to my mom's for Sunday dinner and Evie yells out very excitedly, "Jansen's here!"
"What makes you think Jansen's here?" I asked.
"That's him's car!" she proclaims as she points at your mom's car in the driveway. Obviously, she misses him ;)

Kami said...

Love the birthday theme idea! Nate makes a great pirate... oh yeah!

The Nye's said...

Happy birthday Natey! You play that part so well! Jess, I think he is secretly obsessed with pirates! I will try and send him a pirate coloring book!

The Teeples said...

He does have a great wife and it was a great party. Thanks for having us come. We love you guys!

That Cake was to die for. Yum Yum.