Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Son

As he is looking across the yard at our neighbors trampoline:
"Tramps are really fun huh. Maybe Jesus will bring us one when he comes."

He has just finished going number 2 and says to me, "If we don't wipe good we get radishes huh." (meaning rashes)
Me: "And it will feel itchy."
Jansen: "Yeah, itchy and bitchy." ??!!!

He is eating a pink yogurt popsicle and the blue stick is just starting to show from where he has eaten away at the popsicle.
Jansen to himself: "I'm trying to get out of the forest." (I think he is referring to the stick coming out)
Me: "Out of the forest?"
Jansen: "Yes, the dark, dark, spooky, pink forest."
Oh, and he dances too.

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Kenj and Nate said...

You really might feel like that if you don't wipe good and are That is SO FUNNY, My little 3 year old is the same way he says the funniest things. Good job in writing them down!!

Jessi said...

I LOVE HIM. He is so hilarious!!! itchy and bitchy? ha ha ha ha ha!

kiki comin said...

his interpretive style of dancing is unmatched! i love turning some good whitney houston tunes up and dancing some weird moves too. ahhh, he is so cute.

Nate and Shannon Smith said...

Oh my gosh Jess I laughed till there were tears, Esp about Jesus bringing the trampoline, man kids are so funny!!

Traci said...

I LOVE IT, he is sooo cute!!

stevenellie said...

He says some funny things. I was laughing hard. Thanks for sharing. I needed a good laugh.

Kent and Leisy said...

I love in the video when he grabs his behind and dances around. kent and I were laughing pretty hard.

David and Kristi Gailey said...

Jansen cracks me up. What a funny boy. I just love hearing what is really going on in their little minds. Ohh and I LOVE the dancing too.

Hansel said...

I laughed so hard at the Jesus bringing a tramp line I cried, then I read the itchy and bitchy line and almost peed my pants. Thanks for the good laugh, sometimes mom's need good laughs like that