Friday, May 8, 2009

The Last of 'Em

The last of the Tennessee vacation pictures! Mom, as these continue to drag on I hope you appreciate them.

Daddy and Natalie having breakfast:

At Ripley's Aquarium (the best one in the United States)

Oh dear, a picture without a person in it! Nate took it of course. It's the bottom side of some sort of shark thing with a saw coming out the front of it.
A little freaky


Anonymous said...

I think that under water creatures look like something made-up--not real. Very cool. I love the one where the kids look like they're popping up in the aquarium. Thanks for the pics of the vacation. Love, mom

Shane's Angie said...

I would seriously consider framing that last pic for your bathroom. So adorable. OK, so these pictures are a little freaky. a) giant fish with a saw attached, is that really if teeth aren't enough! b) the giant lobster looking things. Again, overkill with the many legs...creepy and c) Do you always have to look adorable, even on vacation? It's so irritating!