Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Recap

Looking for his Easter basket...where is that darn thing?!

Found it! Of all places...the bathtub. Silly rabbit!

The lineup for the egg hunt:
Randomly inserted Easter morning picture. This is seriously the best one I could get of both of them...as Natalie is chucking a car down the stairs.
Jansen knew the shades would give him an advantage...and Natalie is wondering why she is in a skirt and a winter coat.

She was done after her first find.

And true to form, Jansen went and sat in the car while the rest of us visited and had dessert. It was too windy you know.


kiki comin said...

she's just getting a taste of what its like to be a girl..wearing whatever is cute regardless of the weather!:) love your kids and all their cuteness.

J & M Squared said...

Ditto to Kiki's comment! Your kids are adorable! And you are such an awesome MOM!

Anonymous said...

Jansen looks so warm and comfy in the car. I do it all the time when its sunny but windy...smart kid, love the glasses. Darling dress on Nattie. Love ya.

Kyle and Janel said...

Jess you are too funny!!Love the comment about the skirt and winter coat..what we do for style! And I almost forgot about the windy issue with Jansen. So funny. Happy Easter

Shane's Angie said...

I love Jansen. He is so much like Evie! She didn't want eggs if it meant getting drizzled on and uncomfortable! Does the EB hide your baskets too? I love that idea! How adorable!

Lindsey said...

Looks like fun. Natalie's dress is so cute.

And we must never forget the peachies from Gas n Go either!

Bethany said...

I think Jansen looks pretty stinking cool in his shades.
Roll on, brother man. Roll on.

Kami said...

I love Jansen with his sunglasses on. He's the cool kid! Except of course when he got scared of the wind and stayed in the car for an hour... ha ha!

Jessi said...

I love your kids so much! I look at your pictures and they reminds me so much of Jarrett and Kynzie, I just have to laugh. Anyway, what a fun Easter! And yes, the coat with the skirt... what better time to learn beauty is pain? ha ha