Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Thought It Said...

Note: This picture only has mild relevance to this post...but it's my blog and I can post cute pictures of my husband whenever I want!

I LOVE those moments when you are singing along to a song with a friend and suddenly one of you stops and says, "Wait, what do they say there?" or "What did you just say?" And you are then informed that for the last 8 years you have been singing the wrong lyrics to a favorite song. And finally the song makes some sense! Here are some of my favorite "misheard" songs from some of my favorite people:
Phoebe on Friends: "Hold me close, young Tony Danza"
Actual words: "Hold me closer tiny dancer" (Elton John, Tiny Dancer)

Friend Ali: "Living on ice without any women"
Actual words: "Living a life without any meaning" (Chicago, What Kind of Man Would I Be)

Friend Kristi: "She's 2 inches 4"
Actual Words: "She's 2 and he's 4" (Dixie Chicks, You Were Mine)

Husband Nate: "Searching for my lost sugar of salt"
Actual Words: "Searching for my lost shaker of salt" (Jimmy Buffet, Margarittaville)

Me: "I hope my dinner will be ready"
Actual Words: "I hope by then I will be ready" (I Hope They Call Me on a Mission)

Husband Nate: "Saturday nights are watching you"
Actual Words: "Private eyes are watching you" (Hall & Oates, Private Eyes)

Friend Meggin: "One good love the race is on"
Actual Words: "One good love erases all" (Rascal Flatts, One Good Love)
Me: "The M and the D go hand in hand" (M meaning marriage and D meaning divorce in my little mind)
Actual Words: "The word and the deed go hand in hand" (Paula Abdul, Straight Up)

I wish I could remember more. Anyone want to fess up and share yours?


Laraine said...

I wish I had a copy of a Mt. View High School Senior Prom program where they wrote the words to the song that was the theme for the dance. (Class of '91) Unchained Melody was the song, but 90% of the words were wrong! It was hilarious!!! I will make it a quest to find it and post it on your blog. You will love it.

megandjon said...

Even though I figured out years ago that it was probably "shaker of salt" i cannot for the life of me remember to sing it since my whole life i thought it was "sugar and salt", kind of like nate!!

funny post jess!

taylor and laney said...

"Believe me Adia, we are still inner-set" instead of "innocent." And, to make it worse, when people asked what "inner-set" meant, I explained it as similar to predestined.

Lexi said...

Brennon: "I'll see you in Calikerque, waiting out a blizzard"
Tim Mcgraw: " I'll see you in Albuquerque...."
I don't know what a calikerque is....
And I also thought those were the words to that Rascal Flatts song for while too

Melanie Hoopes said...

loved your post! I do that all the time - one that comes to mind - I don't even know who sings it: "Walking all, Walking all broken down." - really "Walking on, walking on broken glass."

kiki comin said...

i love this post. let me just tell you my favorite..and he will kill me.
Ben: Chang, Chang, Chang....Chang of Foo
Real: Chain, Chain, Chain...Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin

oh, he's gonna kill me!:)

kiki comin said...

by the way, i do this way to often myself!:)

Camp Chris said...

Book of Mormon Stories..second verse: "Seeking Liver-Tea"... which I never understood because we weren't supposed to drink tea!! I believe the actual words are "seeking liberty"....whatever!!

Angie said...

Hilarious Jess! I love it! OK, here's one from my sister in law:
Lani: "Katie looks at Tommy I gots to look at you!"
real lyrics: "Katie looks at Tommy like I still look at you!"
(She's in love with the boy, Trisha Yearwood)
My Kids: And they lived in the land right to sleep (don't forget to fold your arms and bow your head at the end)
Real Lyrics: And they lived in the land RIGHTEOUSLY!
Book of Mormon stories apparently confused many children!

Carrie and I are still confused over a song that she used to exercise to. She'd sing "2 + 5, two hearts that beat as one..." I think it was Two *something* hearts, two hearts that beat as one...I still don't know the correct lyrics, perhaps I should consult google, but I don't remember the artist. Also, Jamie and I used to slow down the song "Red, Red, Wine" on my Karaoke machine to try to figure out the words. It didn't work. We didn't have google back then, we had to figure it out the HARD way!

Meggin said...

I was actually wondering if my silly One Good Love mishap would make the post! I remember how you and Kami teased me about that nonstop for days! I do have one more, too. When I was a kid, I thought that the second verse of I am a Child of God said, "And so my knees are scraped" instead of "And so my needs are great." At least that one is more excusable since I was a kid!

Annie said...

This post had me chuckling out loud. A popular on in my family was "She's got better days to die" for She's got Betty Davis Eyes. And in college my friend used to listen to CMT all day long. I have never been a country fan but the Rascal Flatt's song "Teardrops that Fall Down Like Rain" was on all day as well. I thought it was "Teardrops that fall down my brain." Yeah, I'm awesome.

Laraine said...

OK...one more. This one is on Traci! (sorry Traci)! When she was little she would sing in the song I am a Child of God: "Has given me an earthly home with parents KIND OF dear!" hahaha..she was right. We were just KIND OF dear.

Anonymous said...

Well, tell Lorraine you guys sang "with parents kind of weird" and you were right too.

The Nye's said...

My favorite was Christian and Cameron belting out the song Sold by John Michael Montgomery. They sang it "I'll be expecting a call" and the words are really "I'll be at your beckon call." But they would say "expecting" a super funny way. Ask Nate, he might know. When they found out those weren't the words they were pretty disappointed...and embarrassed!

Traci said...

My niece just minutes ago was singing along to "Lets here it for the boys" and sang "Lets give the boy a ham" instead of "Lets give the boy a hand" lol too funny I just had to share it!!

Hansel said...

Nate was always famous for getting lyrics wrong, I just wish I could remember some of the ones he did. One of them had to do with paving paradise, but I can't even remember the correct lyrics let alone the wrong ones. His favorite song was the blue man song because it had no correct lyrics.