Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Around Here

My camera has been a little cranky lately so I haven't had much to post about. Here are a few things that are going on around here:
-Natalie is getting a couple more teeth. I think they are called the canines??? Not too fun.
-I signed Jansen up to play soccer with some other 3 and 4 year old friends
-The weather has been fabulous and we've been going to the park almost every day.
-Nate is doing his Internal Medicine rotation. It's not too bad, but he gets home at like 6:30 and that really throws dinner off.
-I have been playing basketball 2-3 times a week and it's so fun. We won the stake basketball tournament and also won the city league we are playing in! We have a tournament for that next week.
-We are trying to plan a little vacation for the end of April. Possibly South Carolina or Tennessee???
-I'm really trying to learn how to use coupons. It can be overwhelming and time consuming but also very rewarding and of course saves money!
-We found out there is an Air Force Family Medicine Residency Program in Las Vegas, so it's a new option for us in a year and a half.
-I will be 27 on Saturday. Yikes.
-Elder Neil L. Anderson (Senior President of the Preidency of the Seventy) spoke to our stake last Sunday. Wonderful!


kiki comin said...

those pics of them are so cute. monica did such a great job. and i love kara's red chair! i seriously want one like it for my house! yay for basketball, yay for have way too much going on!:)

Angie said...

I love the Vegas idea. Easy to visit!

stevenellie said...

I just entered the internet coupon world tonight. The two sites I liked the best so far are and What are your favorites?
A possible move to Vegas? Well, that would be good for you guys because you could easily visit family then. Since Steve and I have no fmaily there and aren't dessert people it wasn't for us. We do like calling Peter our Vegas baby though. :)

Kenj and Nate said...

You should move to Vegas, then you could come up to St. George and visit. Good luck couponing that is awesome, and I actually was just thinking about your birthday becasue I was thinking about how many people I know that have birthday's on march 21st, and 31st. Crazy!

megandjon said...

fun and busy stuff going on in your house! and that's cool about your stake conference. aren't you just so excited for general conference?

and also, i take back my vote for the residency in cali and vote for las vegas!!

megandjon said...

oh yeah, and happy birthday!!

Laney said...

do you realize how hot it gets in las vegas? you melt instantly if you walk out the door.

Melinda said...

Coupons are SO overwhelming. I'm with you on that one. Happy Birthday!