Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Restaurant.com Deal

I have no idea how long this deal will be going on but right now on Restaurant.com you can get 80% off their gift certificates with the promo code DINE. If you have never been on their site, you can get $25 gift certificates for $10 and then if you apply this promo you ultimately get $25 gift certificates for $2. It's for real...I got some today...but they don't have the widest or best selection. Make sure you read the restrictions and stuff...sometimes there is a minimum purchase at a restaurant or something but it's usually not anything you wouldn't spend anyway! I got like $70 worth of gift certificates for $5.

1 comment:

Kenj and Nate said...

So when you say min purchase does that mean you have to pay that much then you can use your Gift certificate! This is way cool