Sunday, February 8, 2009


You gotta love heater vents. I am sitting on one right now and it is positively warming. I actually did take the kids out for a walk today because it was like 45 degrees...yes, that is a welcome temperature right now...but now I am needing to warm up so that's why I've planted myself on the vent.

Anyone seen the movie Fireproof? We got it from Redbox last night...had never heard of it till we got there...and it was PG so of course we had to snatch it up. Slim pickings these days when you are trying to find movies that aren't too filthy. It was interesting. A Baptist church made it and it was actually a good use of our time and filled with great messages. If you are big into movies then you will probably laugh at it, but we enjoyed it. It was a wonderful reminder about the sacredness and importance of marriage and the loyalty we must have to our partner.

Jansen continues to make me laugh. Today I was pretending to be his veterinarian (he LOVES being my dog these days) and he called me his "missionarian." He combined missionary and veterinarian as he tried to fish the right word out of his head. The other night he also prayed that Jesus would help us "not be afraid of our families." Hmmm. I swear we do not mistreat him.

If I were rich here are some things I would promptly spend more money on than I am right now:
-smoothies and smoothie ingredients
-little gifts and surprises for others
-mangoes, blackberries, dried fruit
-music downloads
-car washes

I am a little curious about something. I used to hate salad. But I wanted to like it. So I forced myself to eat it for years and now I do like it. I think that is also beginning to happen with tomatoes. Here's what I am curious about: what food that I can't stand am I going to learn to like in the next 10 years? I guess that's largely up to me, but it still makes me wonder. I hope it's not jalapenos.


Meggin said...

You are so random! I love it!!

Sarah Lunt said...

I love posts like this because I feel like I know you even better. And I do hope you like jalapenos because I absolutely love them and tell my kids they need to eat them because they are "half Texan" afterall.

megandjon said...

yum....salad!! jon and i've decided to go on a "diet" which consists mainly of doubling our salad intake. hopefully that will cut the rest of what we eat in half!

and jansen, as ever, cracks me up.

Angie said...

I LOVE your ramblings. You speak to me. First, I have wanted to see that Fireproof movie since I saw an advertisement on TV. Doesn't it have that kid from Growing Pains? I'm totally gonna rent it now! (I'm telling you, you need to get a Clearplay, they are AMAZING!).
I loved your list of things you'd spend more on if you could. I think mine would be identical to yours! Especially jeans. Nothing is better than a good pair of jeans!
I've been kinda into smoothies these days, I'll tell you some of my tricks if you'll tell me yours...
Also, I too have found several items that I used to HATE that I now love 10 years after marriage. First, fish. I love salmon, shrimp, crab. I hated these things a decade ago.
I also love beets. Never liked them, now I love a good pickled beet. Try them on your salads. Yummo.
So...there are my ramblings. Sheesh, I should have just done a post and not wasted your comment space!
Love ya!

Monica said...

Jessica, you are so funny. Loved your ramblings.. Nice to have some sort of entertainment on such a boring day! :) Good to hear you liked the movie..we'll have to get it.

Laney said...

so that movie you mentioned- someone talked about it in relief society last week and I thought they were crazy. But I trust your opinion, so we may rent it. I agree about hating tomatoes, Leisy is slowly teaching herself to like them, I on the other hand still hate them. We really need to get together the next time we are in Ohio.

Annie said...

I used to hate tomatoes and after I had Julia I can eat them now. I think it's interesting how your tastes can change. I agree with you hands down on what to spend more money on. I would change the jean category to "clothes" in general. For me and my girls. I could really go nuts there.

Sarah Walton said...

When I was little I didn't like strawberries. But I really wanted to like them. They looked so pretty and everyone else seemed to love them. Anyway, I forced myself to eat them, and of course, now I love them!

Laney said...

I am glad to know that you understand the newborn nightime anxiety. I tried to explain it to taylor, but I don't think anyone can possibly understand it other than a mother with a newborn that is trying to breastfeed. It is good to know that I am not the only one who feels it. I almost started crying at Leisy's house just thinking about it.

Lindsey said...

I keep trying to like cataloupe. I really do want to like it, and I have a taste every time someone else serves it, but I still hate it.

Kent and Leisy said...

it's true about tomatoes. I tried so hard on my mission to like them- and now- here in ohio- I will eat slices of them on sandwiches- big pieces in salads even.