Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Little Bit About Natalie

I wanted to blog a little bit about Natalie and what she's like at this age.

She seems to be talking quite a bit more than Jansen did at 14 months. She can say horsie, bottle/baba, bird, mommy, daddy, bubbles, baby, uh oh, stuck, book, hi, more, apple, doggie, and animals.

I've mentioned this in a previous blog, but she loves to watch the Baby Einstein movies that have animals. She will walk into the living room, sit down, and point at the TV and say animals. And then she usually squeals and bounces her legs in excitement. I have a really hard time saying no.

For some reason she has a fascination and love for Jansen's underwear. She wanted to bring it on a walk to the park the other day. She loves to hand it to him.

She often helps me set the table by getting out ALL the kids' plates and cups and setting them on the kitchen table.

She is pretty fearless and can climb up most playground equipment and then go down the slide. She usually goes on her tummy and I catch her at the bottom.

She is getting a couple molars.

She throws a fit before getting in the car most of the time. She does not like her carseat very much.

She loves her bottle. In some ways I wish she didn't, but it's nice to have something that comforts her so much. When it falls in the car or something she says, "Uh oh, baba.

She doesn't like juice. I have tried giving it to her a couple of times and she is not interested at all.

She loves to bring me a book and say, "Boo_" and then turn and scoot backwards till she is sitting on my lap or between my legs so I can read it to her...her attention span is about 20 seconds though.

She has discovered and pays homage to the drinking fountain at church. It is her destination almost all the time.

She loves to have bubbles in the tub and loves to see the bubbles when I am washing the dishes.

She loves to have a little bit of naked time after her bath. She usually heads for Jansen's room if he is still in the tub.

She wakes up between 6 and 7 and takes one nap around one o clock. I didn't want to do a long transition from two naps to one so recently I just dropped the morning nap. That makes for some long mornings, but it's kind of nice to only have to plan around one nap. Then she's in bed around 7:15.

She tends to be a little dramatic. I will often think she has hurt herself badly from the sound of her screaming, only to find out she just can't reach something or is stuck somewhere.

This is a picture of Natalie all geared up to watch her animal movie.

She loves to take (often dirty) clothing and wrap it around her neck and parade around.

I did not put any of this on her face. We went out for ice cream and let her have her own little dish and spoon...you're looking at the results.

Her pigtails are getting longer and I love her big brown eyes.


kiki comin said...

what a little stud! i love little natalie...and my boys...well, they are enamored by "matalie" as well.:)

Kent and Leisy said...

I say we just betrothe her to zeb right now. They have so much in common already!

Angie said...

I really need to do a post like this about each of my kids. They change so quickly and they do such cute things and before you know it, they are on to something else. Natalie is adorable. I could eat her...little piggies and all!

Heather said...

What a cute little girl. Too bad we don't live close at all because our kids could play. Are you coming up for any of the holidays?

Laraine said...

Do you "bloggers" print this stuff or just save it somewhere? This is priceless! Natalie will love it when she is older. You are smart to write these cute every day things. We think we will always remember these things..but we forget! What a little dolly she is!

Lindsey said...

Fun stuff to read. It's crazy how fast they change and learn. I can't beleive Cannon will be doing those things in the next several months. Where have our babies gone?!

megandjon said...

i love this informative little post! what a funny girl!

Melinda said...

She's such a little cutie. She sounds like she has such a cute personality.