Friday, September 5, 2008

Surprise Day

I love days that surprise you. For me, this happens most often when I am NOT planning on having Nate around...and then SURPRISE SURPRISE, we get to spend some time with him! He was post call yesterday, which means that he had been at the hospital all night the night before. Make sense? Usually once he gets home he needs to sleep and study. But he actually got some sleep while at the hospital, and put off some of his studying, so we had lunch together, talked, and played with the kids for awhile. This was a wonderful relief because I had been trying to decide all morning what I would go do with the kids between Natalie's naps...and still didn't have a plan...but having lunch with dad was the perfect solution. Here is Jansen USING A SCREWDRIVER to eat his lunch. I know that is disgusting because he probably found it in the yard, but I had to take a picture before confiscating it.


Tina said...

I love it when Daddy comes home. Seriously, even if it is just for lunch it puts a different feeling in the air and all of us relax and have an enjoyable hour with him. I'm glad he got to come home and be with you guys!!

The Nye's said...

Yeah for "Daddy Time!" Jes, you are such a trooper!

Angie said...

So many days, I am just feeling horrible, and I discover that once Shane walks in the door, I am automatically happier! So glad you got that surprise happy day! Tell Nate he looks great in his scrubs (and you should borrow them to sleep in, they are very comfy!)