Saturday, September 20, 2008

Park of Roses

Date night destination: the Park of Roses

While we were there, Nate walked over to a rose and suggested we smell some of them. My first reaction was, nah, let's just keep moving. But we did stop and as I smelled the first rose I was blown away by how much it reminded me of my grandma. The second rose had the funniest little bugs hiding in it's petals. The third one reminded me of a scented bag that was given to me on one of my birthdays when I was a kid. Of course the phrase "stop and smell the roses" came to mind and I was reminded of how important it is to take a time out every once in awhile and just ENJOY beautiful surroundings.

What a good sport. :)
Most romantic comment of the night goes to Nate: "What if we were cavemen and I had to drag you around by your hair?"


Did they even do that?


Kami said...

I love Nate for saying that. He's so genius! You two make a great couple.

Angie said...

Stop and smell the roses, but don't inhale the bugs. It should be stitched on a pillow. I LOVED Nate's comment! I was with Lexi and Brennon when they got your text. We had a huge laugh over that. Oh, Nate, you are delightful! Glad you got a night out!

Kyle and Janel said...

hahaha...that comment deserves an award or something. That is great! And that is a great picture of you two. Its always fun to have a night out!

kiki comin said...

oooh, what a sweet husband.