Sunday, August 17, 2008

Little Bit of Separation Anxiety

I always think it's funny when you come pick your kids up from the babysitter and you ask how they did and the babysitter says they were great...but you know better. Sweet Monica watched Natalie for me and as you can see, she was a little bit of a handful. But of course Monica didn't complain one bit. And just so everyone knows, she is a wonderful babysitter, but had to get these shots of the girls because it was too funny. I couldn't agree more. Sofie just thought Natalie was hilarious and couldn't figure out why she was crying. Call me a mean mommy, but these pictures just make me smile!

Can't you just see her saying, "You think this is funny?!"


Angie said...

If I had great eyebrows and an adorable shirt on, I sure wouldn't be crying. But, I'd be lying if I said that I don't shed a tear or two when you leave me too...

Meg said...

hahaha Jess, this is simply hillarious! I would be so thankful if my friend captured those moments!

taylor and laney said...

hey. sorry I haven't given you my address yet- I haven't checked my own blog in at least a week. moving is quite the adventure. anyway, here is my address:

377 parkside ave
buffalo, ny

Anonymous said...

I think the reaction to the little girl next to Natalie is funny but you know how I feel about that sad face.