Monday, July 28, 2008

You Know You're Desperate When...

You know you're really desperate for something sweet when...

  • you steal your son's potty training reward candy and find something else to bribe him with
  • you find a fly in your 2 day old leftover Slurpee and now you can't eat it and you almost cry
  • you want to go find the Christmas stockings and see if somehow a piece of candy got overlooked and is possibly nestled in the toe
  • you eat a couple of your son's Flintstones vitamins
  • you steal a sip of the generic brand, warm, diet cola you are going to marinate some meat in...and now you want more
  • You are thoroughly disappointed when you get out all the Halloween decorations and there is not one piece of leftover candy hiding in there.
  • You're willing to pay $.85 for a measly candy bar from the checkout aisle at the grocery store

It's all true folks.

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