Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Humidity Hair

I will now list the good things about humidity:
1. The ends of Natalie's hair get all cute and curly

I haven't found anything else good about it. Okay, okay I did get a really dry nose while I was in Utah that is never a problem when I am in Ohio.

It seems like Natalie has changed so much in the past few weeks. She kind of grew up overnight. While we were in UT/WA she learned how to go all the way up stairs, got another front tooth, can say "doggie" (for reals), gives kisses, has started "dancing" to music, REALLY notices animals and is obsessed, got more hair, etc. She's so happy and pure entertainment for us right now. She gets up a little earlier than Jansen, so she and I enjoy girl time together for a little while in the mornings.


kiki comin said...

girl time is always extra fun in the morning, isn't it. i "love" my boy time everyday too. you are right, she is practically moving out of your house already, she is so grown up! slow down, natalie!

Heather said...

love those curly wisps. We missed you guys, it seems like you've been gone forever!

Anonymous said...

That picture is adorable! Can I have one? By the way, your books should be there by Monday. Love, mom.

Angie said...

She better not do too much growing, we just barely got to know her! Ok, so I'll admit, part of that growing up stuff is so fun! Keep the pictures coming so we don't miss a bit of it!

Adam & Meggin said...

She is an absolute doll. She LOOKS like she is getting bigger, even though I have never actually seen her!

stevenellie said...

I love the girly curls.
Oh and I have one good thing to say about humidty. Play dough doesn't dry up right away if its left out.