Friday, June 27, 2008

Neglected Blog

My poor little blog has never been so neglected. I will definitely have to make up for it when we get home. We are now in Washington visiting Nate's mom and stepdad and his sister's family. I love the weather here. The best way to describe it is "comfortable." I just wanted to quickly post some Father's Day picture. We made all the dads answer some questions and do a diaper change contest to discover the ultimate dad. It was a great time.


Angie said...

Hah! Looks like Nate won the diapering contest!

kiki comin said...

it's a good thing you let him practice those diaper changing skills at home! get home already, will you!!! humidity is never so boring as when you are gone!:)

Adam & Meggin said...

So, does that mean that Nate won?

Anonymous said...

Hey where's all the other fun stuff that happened in Utah! Park, Bear Lake, Sullivan's backyard, Hogi Hogi, etc,. Don't forget about us.

It was sure fun to see you and the family. Nate is amazing isn't he. I really need to do more with him when he's here.