Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Put a Sock in it Natalie

A Few Little Natalie Updates
-Natalie is starting to pick up food and put it in her mouth by herself. Sometimes she will even use the "pincer grasp" and pick things up between her thumb and forefinger. This poor highchair has really had it. And poor Natalie has to eat off it...I clean it often if that brings comfort to any of you.

-She loves to move around any way she can. I found her with this sock in her mouth today and she just traveled around the livingroom with it like that.

-One of her favorite positions

-She had her 6 month checkup today (even though she's 7 months). She is a little over 18 lbs (68th percentile) and is in the 84th percentile for height. I already knew this, but my doctor reiterated that she can be sleeping 10 hours without a feeding at this age so we will be working on that. It probably won't be pretty, but it is NECESSARY! She has been pulling some crazy stunts at night that are making Nate and I exhausted.


Scott Family said...

so cute! pics of natalie just make me smile. okay, so you will have to give me tips on how it goes sleep training natalie through night-- we are so not even close to that point yet. i feel your pain!

The Schiffmans said...

She and Brigham would make a great match he is one chunky monkey... that I love love love. I can't believe she is crawling. She is so advanced, much like her mother always has been.

amyandrandy said...

good luck with the whole sleeping thing. my 5month old had cholic for the first few months so sleeping was unheard of in our house for quite sometime. she finally did it with alot of patience i didn't know i had. i hope for the best!

you mentioned in a previous blog you have a sound machine? where did you get it at. i want something to block out the noise (mostly my 2year old) when the baby is sleeping.

Angie Sullivan said...

Go you girl! I think 68th percentile is perfect! We were a little disappointed to find out that Evie is no longer on the charts at all...mom's prefer baby's that stay on the charts-so way to go- you are beautiful! P.S. Does Aunt Angie need to come and teach you about the finer things in life that you can now put in your mouth? Oh, and Jess, good luck with the ten hours thing..."we" have a double ear infection and infected tonsils but even before that "we" didn't sleep ten hours! (I sure hope it works for you, let me know how you did it if it does!)

The Nye's said...

She is so dang sweet!! I miss her so much! Oh man, we have had some pretty rough nights, too. Brookie was being a little stinker for a while. We wish you the best of luck. Can't wait for June!

Anonymous said...

She's just trying to keep track of her socks. They come off so easily when your slithering around on carpet.

Kendra and Nate Wright said...

Hershal November Hardy the II, my he rest in peace. Jess how the heck are you. This is Kendra. I hope you don't mind but I found you blog on Jan's. You have such a cute family. We all need to get together if you are around. I would love to get to know how you are. We have 3 kids and are in St. George.