Monday, April 28, 2008

A Date with Mr. and Mrs. Indecisive

Coming up on our 4th anniversary, it seems that Nate and I have hit a big bump in our marriage. We are no longer able to...make decisions.

3 out of the 4 Fridays each month we go on a date for a couple of hours...on the other Friday, we watch 3 other couples' kids while they go out. It's wonderful. Until date night comes and Nate and I realize we have once again neglected to figure out exactly what to do for the evening. I have lists of ideas, the weather has been great, we talk all week about possibilities, but WE ALWAYS DROP THE KIDS OFF AND THEN LOOK AT EACH OTHER...we just can't seem to make decisions. It is incredibly frustrating. It's like we're so afraid of misusing this precious time or so worried we might not choose the "best" date option possible...that we end up not making a choice at all. I want to scream.

This past weekend we eventually made a decision, and it ended up being a good one. It actually wasn't on "date night," but whatever. We had a lot of fun. We explored "German Village" here in Columbus. It's a historic, restored community that was originally built by German immigrants. Many of the streets are paved with brick. These are not very good pictures, and there were houses that were a lot cooler, but here are a few of the homes I snapped pictures of.

Just a random picture of the lovebirds. I, obviously, was not prepared for the picture. But I have included it anyway for your enjoyment. I like how Nate and I have very different eyebrows.The brick-paved roads...
Goodies inside...
A place for me to leave my horse. Actually, I think they sell jewelry and other trinkets. They were closed.


kiki comin said...

looked like fun. we do the exact same thing.:)your eyebrows are lovely.

Adam & Meggin said...

That looks like fun. What a nice setup, too, so you and Nate can have time together!

Anonymous said...

Steve and I have the same problem with dates. We spent half our date time trying to figure out what to do. (The "What-do-you-want-to-do,
I-don't-know-what-do-you-want-to-do" blues) We came up with a fun solution. We take turns planning the dates. One person plans, the other enjoys the surprise. It works so much better. It's even more romantic. Well, Happy Dating!
Love you guys, JoDeane

Angie Sullivan said...

I would love something like that. I love historic homes. Meggie, Carrie, and I are going to start that "date night" idea, but we have to get Evie feeling good first. She has "beasty" tendencies. I loved your eyebrow observation. He has boy eyebrows, and you have girl eyebrows. Perfectly coordinated as you should be. Shane and I have the date night turmoil too. When we go out to eat we have this banter that goes like this:
"Where do you want to go"
"I don't know, you decide"
"No, you decide, I don't care"
"Please, will you just choose"
"I want you to choose...", and this goes on and on until we agree to just go to Mimi's AGAIN and we've wasted a half hour discussing it!

The Nye's said...

Sounds familiar! You guys are funny! Only 6 more weeks! Can't wait to see you!

Jan Schiffman said...

That is so our dating life too.

Meg said...

On my first day of my mission, we went tracting in GERMAN VILLAGE!! I love it there!