Sunday, March 23, 2008


I've been feeling really guilty about my negative pre-Easter post. First of all, it was actually really sunny on Easter...a cold, but beautiful day. And second, it's only March. I probably shouldn't be expecting to be outside in shorts and flip flops quite yet. And the most wonderful part of Easter Sunday? Moments in sacrament meeting that really touched me as I heard wonderful, wonderful songs about my Savior and heard talks that helped me reflect on Jesus Christ's love for all of us...and the hope that is always so bright when I focus on Him. Here are some pictures from other happy moments during the day:

A series of pictures I took as we tried to get Jansen to take a picture with Nate.

Now come just a little closer...
Trying to make the great escape
A bit of fear mixed with anger, resentment, and annoyance at his parents.
I love these people. Frankly, I love my whole ward. This has been a wonderful place to be.

This is a real duck egg in the yard. We had to warn everyone before the hunt lest an unsuspecting child cracked it open in search of a goodie. Now that would have been funny.


Anonymous said...
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The Teeples said...

I loved your easter egg hunt and the cool big table you have in your house to fit all those people. Your kids looked adorable. Hope you had a Happy Easter.

Angie Sullivan said...

Jess, you don't need to feel guilt over hating cold weather. It is genetic. SAD is a disorder that runs in the family. But, I'm glad you chose the Polyjessica approach and looked for the good! Boy, your kids sure look darlin!

Perry's said...

Hey I am glad you found our blog! Looks like you had a fun Easter. Oh and Happy late birthday. I got the email but we were in DC, wish I could have come. Looks like you had fun! Cute blog!

Tina said...

What a handsome little boy you have!!! That tie.... oh, so cute!!
I can't wait to have another girl someday so I can put big huge bows in her hair too.
It looks like you guys had a great Easter!!

amyandrandy said...

i am sorry for your easter moment of jansen's shirt getting red candy on it. there always seems to be something that happens on any nice occasion. E refused to get pics as well, i got zero pics of her in her dress with her easter basket. i guess there is always next year to have another fight about getting pics done.