Saturday, March 29, 2008

Baggie Taggie

I'd seen "bag tag" on other blogs and thought of starting a round of it, but I didn't have to because I got tagged by my cousin Angie. Woo hoo! Who doesn't love blogging material? So, you get your bag (I took a picture of mine), empty it out (you can't edit here), take a picture, and list the contents. My "bag" is pretty much completely a diaper bag, as you can see here.
It contains:
Diapers, wipes, desitin, and changing pad
Burp rags, bib, Natalie toys (that's what the toothbrush is...the necklaces as well...they didn't start out as toys, but I soon realized after putting them on that I was a dreamer thinking I could wear them all day and not get them yanked off), hand sanitizer
Keys, wallet, pen, lotions, tissues
Jansen bribes (candy, gum)
A list of everything that I need in my diaper bad so that I can glance at it and check them off whenever I leave. I love that list.
I am tagging, if they see this post and choose to participate, Ellie G., Annie P., Heather W., Meggin, and Kami!


Angie Sullivan said...

Ooh, good idea with the bribes, I need some of those...

Kyle and Janel said...

I love your BAG! So cute!! Anyways, yeah Kyle is doing the whole army trying to get into the JAG least that is our plan. I had no idea that Nate is in the airforce! Was it a tough decision for you guys? I was totally against doing the whole army wife thing...but now it is fine, as long as they pay for our school! ha

taylor and laney said...

Jess! We are moving to Buffalo. Sorry, no Ohio state. We were put on the waiting list there, and we just don't want to wait. So buffalo it is.

happycfam said...

I am so glad you made a comment on my blog! Your family is so beautiful! You look like you are very happy and I hope that is the case! I'm adding you to my friend list if you don't mind. I would love to keep tabs on you and your little fam! Thanks again