Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Very Merry Day

Let me start off by showing you this picture of Jansen and his wild imagination. We have here a Thomas the Train pulling a small loaf pan and a Tupperware. They are both carrying a load of "wet wipes coal." I thought it was so funny when Jansen grabbed the pan and Tupperware for Thomas to pull, but when he started filling them up with wet wipes and saying it was coal I about died. He is so entertaining.

Christmas was wonderful. We were SO busy all day that we didn't even have time to think about all that we were missing out on at home. That was a good thing...I spend enough time missing Utah and family every other day of the year! I really enjoyed having a little Christmas with my little family. I loved seeing Jansen open presents and get so excited about everything. Each time he would open one he would just stop and play with it for awhile. The suspense was killing me and I had to keep shoveling the presents at him.

Look at that HOT MAMA in the back! I'm not sure who that is. But she's hot.

Natalie hanging out with her pal Connor.

Jansen loving us for forcing him to be in a picture. Look at that sweet little Julia being so cooperative.


Anonymous said...

That all looks so fun! Christmas is so much better with little children around. What is that red (bear?) Jansen is hugging? Is it a chair? Cute.

Ang said...

Hello Nye clan! Happy Holidays from the Sullivan clan...we understand your pain, we had a hard time getting any pictures of Evie being nice this Christmas-someday she'll regret it! Looks like you had a wonderful holiday! Love you all!