Friday, December 28, 2007

Perhaps a Bad Idea

I will begin this post with an adorable but unrelated picture of Natalie. She was headed out for a short trip to the pond with dad to look at the ducks.

And here is what may turn out to be my very bad idea. I got Jansen some bathtub crayons for Christmas. Sometimes he doesn't like to take his bath, and I thought maybe this would move bath time up on the fun scale. He loves them and he especially loves when dad is doing bath time and creates masterpieces for him. I'm just a little worried that from now on if he gets his hands on a crayon, marker, pen, etc. that he will want to draw everywhere. So far we haven't had any problems.


Ang said...

Nate! Extra daddy points for the awesome bathtub artwork! Loved it! Hope your holiday was fabulous! Jess, would you email me soon, i've lost your e-mail in the process of switching everything over to my laptop! Love you all!

kiki comin said...

nice murals! i can't wait to see the first one on the wall!:)