Monday, December 17, 2007

Moms Etc.

Don't you just love moms? I sure love mine and wish I got to see her more often. What a wonderful invention mothers are! My mom flew back to Utah today after spending a couple of days out here with us. It was kind of a mini Christmas since we aren't going home. She gave us one of the greatest presents ever---all our old home videos on DVDs! This is priceless stuff we're talking about...including but not limited to: 6th grade spelling bees, rec soccer games, footage of my brother and I in the bathtub, preschool music programs, several solos sung by yours truly at age 4, etc. I have been worried for years that those old VHS tapes were going to get ruined or worn out, so I am just thrilled to have them on DVD. In other news...Jansen has an ear infection in each ear so we're working on clearing those up and last night Natalie only woke up once to eat and then went back to sleep! I have a feeling it was a fluke, but we'll see!

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megandjon said...

wow! that IS an awesome present!

and also, poor jansen! give him a get better kiss from me...