Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Enchanted Express

I'd really been looking forward to this night because I knew how much Jansen would enjoy it. We went to the Franklin Park Conservatory and there's an exhibit there that invloves...TRAINS. Jansen's one true love. Check out this picture may not be able to see very well unless you double click on it, but Jansen and Nate have the exact same patterns in their hair. I thought it was worth noting that.

This was our last stop before leaving and Jansen was seriously mesmerized. He stood there and waited for the train to come again over and over. He WOULD NOT leave and I wish I could have seen just how long he would have stood there.

And a little P.S. Natalie is so much happier these days. In some ways it seems like it happened over night. She sleeps in her crib at night and for naps now and I can even put her down while she is still awake (although very drowsy) and she will go to sleep on her own. It's a dream come true. She does not sleep much though---sometimes only an hour and a half all day. Nights are still pretty difficult. Her longest sleep stretch lately is only about 3 hours and she is waking every 2 or 3 hours during the night. She has really taken to her pacifier lately though and is much better at keeping it in. It seems like she channels all her crazy energy into the pacifier and for that I am so grateful.She will sit in her bouncer with the pacifier and actually be content for quite awhile! It is all so strange and unfamiliar to me that I often feel guilty like I am neglecting her or something because I can actually put her down. Sometimes I will pick her up even though she is perfectly content because I feel bad for putting her down for "so long." I know, I'm crazy. Bottom line life is really starting to feel normal again. It is so so nice.


kiki comin said...

nice patterns in the hair! jessica, you are too funny to notice that! the trains look so fun...and does natalie cry..i've never heard her!!:)

megandjon said...

i love that natalie looks all mesmerized by the trains too! you might just have another train lover in the family!

The Nye's said...

I wish I could take Kyle to that! He would go crazy! I'm so happy to hear that Natalie is doing better these days. You really are my HERO. I could not do what you do - I'm wimpy!

Mom and Tim said...

Wow - what a "fantasy world" for Jansen AND Natalie! Those pics are priceless - I sure wish I could watch them in awe at that display! I also noticed Nate and Jansen's "hairlines" - also in that picture from the Butterfly exhibit last summer!!! Jansen is totally a "chip off the old block"!
And I'm also thrilled that things are getting a little more "settled" and "predictable" with Natalie. They are both so sweet and you guys are such fabulous parents - miss you so much! Love, Mom

White Cottage said...

I was doing a search for the Enchanted Express to do a piece about it for my blog and Google popped your blog up. I just had to tell you that I absolutely LOVE the quote you posted at the top of your blog. Very insightful and so true. I have three children (16, 14and 10). I wish they still took naps! :-D Anyway...thanks for the quote, very cool.