Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Few Thanksgiving Pictures

Our 2nd Thanksgiving in Ohio. I can hardly believe it. I had a great holiday...mostly spent the day getting ready for dinner which we had around 5 or so. There was something really neat about having a Thanksgiving at our own home (okay, so we're renting and it's not really ours) and doing the turkey. We DEFINITELY missed all our family though. Here are some pictures of the big day:

Thanksgiving's wonderful when you're in your turkey outfit!

The dinner gang...pretty fancy paper plates eh?

How cute is Natalie in this one!

His best cheese smile

Nate's masterpiece in the making---he pretty much handled the turkey business.

Honestly, my favorite part of the day was when I was upstairs putting Natalie's pajamas on and I was mimicking her hiccups and she started laughing. That's the first time we've heard her laugh. It was so dang cute. It was the perfect ending to a great day. We got it on video the next day. The really good laughs are at the end of the video so hang in there till it's over. Here's the link:


megandjon said...

good job on doing thanksgiving!! i, for one, am still glad that at both the thanksgivings we went to (one on thursday, one on friday) i wasn't responsible for much more than bringing the potatoes and corn!

also, how exciting that natalie laughed! that is totally great! she was cracking me up!

kiki comin said...

and dinner was yummy! we are so glad we have you guys here to celebrate holidays with! you are our ohio family!:)

Kent and Leisy said...

our ohio thanksgiving was great as well. I'll be honest, I've been pleasantly surprised with all that ohio has to offer :) Natalie laughing was so cute. I think Zeb's first laugh was my favorite day in Zeb's short little life thus far.

Kent and Leisy said...

p.s. did jansen look a lot like natalie does when he was a baby? they look so similar to me!