Monday, November 5, 2007

2 Month Check Up

Natalie had her 2 month check up this morning. Still growing like a cute little weed...96th percentile for her weight! And 80 something for height. I hate going to the doctor though. They got us in real fast, but you know how it is. They get you into that cramped little room fairly quickly but then you sit in there and wait for 30 minutes for the doctor. And you try not to touch anything or let your kids touch anything because who knows which flu infested kid just played with that toy before your son? (I didn't have Jansen with me thank goodness, but that has happened plenty of times before.) Natalie cried pretty much the whole time we were waiting and of course the doctor shows up just as she is drifting into sleep. Such is life. I AM thankful to be able to take my children to the doctor and ESPECIALLY thankful they are healthy. The nurse said her immunizations might make her a little more sleepy (love that) so she is snoozing happily in her carseat. Glad to be done with the appointment though.


Sarah said...

I know, I definitely do not like going to the doctor's either . . . .it was fun to see you there though!

Evie said...

Dear cousin Natalie, I regret to inform you that your trip to the doctors office is just the beginning of a very irritating vaccination journey. I know, because I just finished it. Hopefully, you will not follow in my footsteps in your frequency of doctor trips, but if you do, may I tip you off to something that has helped me...these trips give tremendous guilt to mommy, and she will be willing to give you just about anything to calm you down and make you and her feel better. Take advantage of this.