Sunday, October 28, 2007

Trunk or Treat, Smell My Feet

I think I must have pulled Kiki from some burning wreckage in another life because she is ALWAYS doing such nice things for me. She must owe me big time. As many of you know, Jansen is not fond of costumes, but Kiki had the great idea of making him a costume out of a T-shirt so that he would feel more "normal." She created an adorable superman shirt complete with cape and even made one for little Natalie. THANK YOU KIKI. We had to do some adjusting to Natalie's...she is wearing some 6 month onesies these days! It definitely went over a lot better than the monkey and lion costumes I tried to get him to wear. So here we are at the ward trunk or treat (everyone decorates a door in the church and hands out candy and the kids go around and trick or treat and show off their costumes.)

Super Natalie!

Not liking the Hot Tamales

Showing off the loot

Giving peacock Lincoln a hug

One big happy trick or treating family


Kami said...

Your children are adorable and Kiki really is amazing. Their costumes are perfect.

Anonymous said...

Jess it makes me so happy to see you and your little fam so happy! We still miss ya here, but are so glad you have a little "family" in Ohio to take care of you! They sound AMAZING! Love you all The Leavitts

megandjon said...

those costumes are adorable. and that was pretty brilliant of kiki to realize that maybe jansen just hated having bulky, weird clothes on. it'd be funny if, the next day at church, you gave jansen some fake glasses to wear and said he was being clark kent!

Ang said...

I'm so glad Kiki is taking care of you, tell her we love her already! By the way, Evie did wear her costume and ended up feeling beautiful. So, all is well here too!