Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Big Brother

Jansen wanted to lay on the floor with Natalie last night. He somewhat carefully touched her hair, ears, nose, etc. and was really checking out this new addition to his home. His favorite part was letting her ride on his back. He's adjusted really well to having a little sister, but there are definitely some difficult times. Mornings seem to be especially hard for him; he likes to be held right after we get him out of the crib and I am almost always holding a sleeping Natalie or feeding her at that time. He kind of falls apart and it's an ominous beginning to the day, but things always get much better. But I don't think he's ready to let her play with his new trains yet. :)


kiki comin said...

those pictures are so dang cute. what a hard thing to go through..giving up mom in the morning...i feel for the boy!:)

Landon & Kara said...

Oh my gosh, those pictures are so cute! What a cute little family!

Kami said...

Oh my gosh, I could just die right now. I can't believe how adorable these pictures are. Cutest kids EVER!