Monday, August 27, 2007

Life is Beautiful

Wow. I know this movie is like 10 years old, but like a lot of things (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc.) I am way behind and just saw it the other night. Nate and I rented it...he has wanted me to see it for a long time. It's the most touching story of an Italian Jew who is taken to a concentration camp with his 6 year old son. When his wife finds out where they have been taken, she begs to go also and is permitted to do so. In order to keep his son's spirits up, the father does everything you can possibly think of to convince the 6 year old that the whole thing is a game/contest to win a tank. He tells him whoever gets the most points wins, and you lose points for complaining about hunger, letting the guards see you, etc. They are separated from the mother during all their time at the camp. This is a clip when the father takes a risky chance to express his love to his wife and let her hear her son's voice. It totally made me cry. It was so sweet/sad.

If you haven't seen this, you must! And if it's been awhile, it's worth seeing again. It was a great reminder of the power of humor and love as we attempt to deal with adversity. Such a wonderful movie!


Anne said...

Awww... my all-time favorite movie.

It must be watched in Italian, however. :)

Little known fact: the main actor stars alongside his real-life wife. Pretty cool!

Landon & Kara said...

Jessica, I LOVE this movie, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Heather said...

Truly one of the life-changing movies - I'm so glad you saw it! Isn't Italian the best language? But, I had an Italian professor at the Y who hated this movie. She was a Jew and said that humor should NEVER be connected with the holocaust. She was definitely in the minority in regards to her opinion on this flick.

Ang said...

Jess, I have never seen this movie! I am committing myself to renting it tonight! I bawled like a baby watching that little clip. Why hasn't anyone told me about this before?