Friday, July 20, 2007

Only at Nate's House

Nate kept telling me he had something to show me---those words evoke both excitement and fear within me. Because it is usually something really cool that I will be excited about, or it's something that will totally disgust me. This falls a little somewhere in between...more towards the cool part really. I guess some ducks laid their eggs right on the side of our house! I have to admit, right when I saw them my very first thought (before I had a chance to even realize how stupid of a thought it was) was that they were snake eggs! A python maybe! Alas, they are just harmless duck eggs. Probably very rotten. Nate will be removing them, very carefully, soon.
And one more story...all you women out there understand curling iron burns. You know, on your forehead or even your neck or something. Well yesterday I burned my big ol' belly on the curling iron. I was leaning over the bathroom counter when it sizzled me. And I had a doctor's appointment in about an hour so they got to see the result of my carelessness. Not fun.


kiki comin said...

c'mon, show pictures of the burn!not THAT many people will see it! haha..just kidding.:)

Peter&Ashley said...

What if they are Canada Geese eggs?!?!