Monday, April 23, 2007

Sensitive Little Guy

This is a really funny/kinda sad video of Jansen. We got him the
Baby Einstein World Animals video and he just LOVES
it...except when the giraffe part comes on. For some reason, he has
always gotten really sad and emotional when they giraffes come
on. Here's what makes it even more interesting...the song they
play during the giraffe part is a song we sang at my
grandpa's funeral this past November. I don't know if Jansen's
just a sensitive little soul or what!!!

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Cassidy said...

Wow... that is actually really interesting.

Ang said...

That is just a little too freaky for me...but just for your information Evie loved the clip and actually laughed out loud. I think it was just because she saw another baby, hopefully not because she likes to see others in distress.

Anthony said...

Anyone else reminded of Poltergeist when they see this?