Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Weekend

We had such a fun Easter weekend---even though it was colder than both Christmas and New Year's Day. Saturday we had a little get together with friends in the ward and Jansen went on his first egg hunt. He caught on really quick!

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Then we colored eggs at home. The experience pretty much resulted in a big mess and terribly ugly Easter eggs but oh well! Egg salad sandwiches in Nate's lunch all week!

We had brunch on Sunday morning with some good friends. These are Jansen's Ohio buddies! He is learning to say some of their names.

We also had an Easter dinner with our next door neighbor and her family. 14 people in her little 2 bedroom apartment! The more the merrier right? It was delicious!

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Cassidy said...

I have not colored eggs in AGES! I think that I need to do that next year for sure. I was in Las Vegas this weekend and all the kids went to my brothers wards Easter egg hunt and they had it at their church which is lovely landscaped with rocks. So, my nephew Payton found three eggs but then decided that the rocks were more exciting so he threw all his eggs on the ground and started collecting rocks instead!