Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Cadbury Mini Eggs

I feel a sense of responsibility to voice a warning: don't open your bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs before Easter! In fact, don't even buy them until Saturday night. You'll tell yourself that you won't open them and that they are for so-and-so's Easter basket but who are you kidding? I grabbed a bag at the store tonight "for Jansen" and I totally already opened them. I can't even use the excuse that I really needed chocolate and that's all we had in the house---I unfortunately had many chocolate options. But those mini eggs are sooo good. I chewed the first handful so I felt justified grabbing another few because I had forgotten to let them melt in my mouth. And then I decided I could grab a few more since I am leaving to go play basketball in a minute and will burn the calories. And now the bag has a huge rip down the side that makes them really easy to grab. Jansen, if you read this someday, I'm sorry you didn't have any Cadbury Mini Eggs in your basket this year.


Anonymous said...

Okay so certain candy, you will learn in time, are to enjoyable to share with your children. Now before anyone takes offence understand that it is not because we do not value the little people in our lives, but just know that they would not appreciate the finer candy in life, such as Cadbury mini eggs. Buy them suckers and jelly beans and mallow bunnies. Please spare them, don't buy them peeps or cheap Palmers chocolate rabbits (sorry mom I know they are a memory) Never, my dear cousin Jess, feel guilt for hiding them for yourself I never do. Oh and by the way suck on the outside shell for just a moment until the outside layer of chocolate gets just a bit soft....yum. Love you guys,Carrie

Cassidy said...

I am totally obsessed with these things and we have already eaten TWO WHOLW BAGS at my house!!!