Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Jansen loves to make animal noises and his repertoire is growing. Here's a recent performance!

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Anonymous said...

He gets this from both parents. I have heard multiple animals noises from both. Most recently was on a trip to Ohio with Nate. We were driving off the road and I looked over to find Nate's eyes glewed to the sky looking at a bird that I could never see. He then proceeded to give me the birds origin and call... Its a gift I guess. Love you... Scotty

Amy Tressler said...

Jess I love the animal sounds and Jansen is getting so big and is so cute! I have a couple of requests for animal sounds, Madagasscar Hissing Cockroach and a Wild Mountain Sheep which, as you know, is diffrent than a Ram!! We love seeing how the fam is doing keep up the good work!! Amy