Sunday, March 18, 2007


Just wanted to share with everyone a place that has been a little piece of heaven for Jansen and me on rainy/snowy days. It's called COSI (Center of Science and Industry). It's an amazing science museum in downtown Columbus (driving on West Broad can be a little scary. I always pray the car doesn't break down) that has a special area called KidSpace designed especially for children under 5. It's basically a dreamworld for toddlers and I take Jansen there every other week or so. As always, I've included some pictures of our little scientist!


Cassidy said...

I just love how he is checking himself out in the mirror! "I look GOOD in this fireman uniform!"
That looks like what the Children's Museum was to me when I was a nanny. Honestly saved my sanity!

Anonymous said...

i love the one of himself in the mirror in the fireman suit! it's like he thinking this is really my style, i look goood. love mom

Anonymous said...

I love my Jansy Pansy. I love to see where he is developmentaly it makes me excited for Allie to hit all of her stages! I am a little wary of mobility!
Love ya Cola and Nye Guys!