Sunday, March 25, 2007


Jansen loves a Fisher Price website that goes through the alphabet and shows an animal and the sound it makes for each letter. One day he started recognizing "A" and "R" and would say the letter and point to it. Ever since then he has just loved letters and has gotten really good at recognizing and saying some of them. One day I pulled up to Wal-Mart and he pointed at their big sign and said "A!" Now he notices letters all the time when we are driving, when we're reading, on food labels, etc. It's kind of a strange but great obsession for an 18 month old. I taped him naming and pointing to some letters while he's in the bathtub. (I'm sorry it's a little long. He tries to sing the alphabet song at the end though and it's worth the wait!)

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Anonymous said...

He's a genius! But I knew that already. You are in for it! Ha, Ha, payback is so fun! Love The Mom

Anonymous said...

That's pretty amazing, you guys! I'm convinced that when he was a little tiny guy, he was "challenging" because he didn't
have time to be a helpless newborn! He just wanted to get on with "life", like the ABC's, birdwatching, and maybe college - all before kindergarden!!!!
Love, Kim (the other Mom, ha ha)

Angie Sullivan said...

Wow! I'm impressed! You'll have him reading chapter books before preschool! So cute! I loved it. Way to go mom/schoolteacher!
Love you all!