Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Bell Canyon Trail - 5+ hours of hiking and everyone did awesome! 

One morning we ran around in the gym of Julie's church after visiting Scheel's and riding their indoor ferris wheel (which totally scared me!)

Oh how I love my girls. We shopped, got pedicures, and ate in Park City together and then some of us spent the night in Midway at Lindsey's cabin. Janelle made us delicious french toast in the morning.

Late night shenanigans at Smith's.

Swim day at Annie's in Ogden

I started coughing not long after we arrived in Utah for our summer trip and didn't stop til I returned to San Antonio. For the most part it was just a VERY annoying and persistent cough, but I did get a fever and felt really awful for the 4th of July. None of the insta cares were open, so Nate just ended up prescribing something for me and thankfully I got better pretty quickly.

Pioneer Day Family Home Evening - candy handcarts

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